AGROPROMPROEKT Ltd. has been founded in 1952.
    AGROPROMPROEKT deals with all kinds of activities concerning investments in the field of food industry. Our professionals have solid experience and design projects for reconstructions and modernization of old ones. The main task of AGROPROMPROEKT is in increasing the level of production utilizing the most contemporary modern technology.
    All specific requirements for the manufacture processes in food industry are implemented in their solutions.

    We make projects of enterprises for:

  • Brewery Industry;
  • Tobacco Industry;
  • Wine and Alcohol Industry;
  • Milk Processing Industry;
  • Meat Processing Industry;
  • Sugar Processing Industry;
  • Canning Industry;
  • Oil - Extracting Industry;
  • Cold Processing and Product Storage;
  • Grain Storage, Grain Processing and Forage Industry;
  • Food and vegetable Storage;
  • Water Purifying Stations;
  • Petrol Stations;
  • Biogas Stations;
  • Heat Transmitting Grids;
  • Buildings for Administrative and Housing Purposes, etc.

    The most of the food industry enterprises in the Republic of Bulgaria are either built or reconstructed by the direct participation of our company.
    We also have enterprises built abroad. These are: Food - Stores, Ice Storage factories, Packing Houses, Canning Factories, Tobacco factories, Mills, Silos, Farina Factories, etc. in Cuba, Mongolia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Korea, Uruguay, Chile, Chechen, Slovakia, Libya, Morocco, Mexico, Mozambique, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, Sudan, Tunisia, Albania, Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, Bolivia, Vietnam, Greece, Guyana, Ghana, Germany, Egypt, India, China, Cambodia, Congo, etc.
    Our most qualified professionals carry out complex engineering including research, design, construction, supplying and completing enterprises for processing and storage vegetable and animal products.
    AGROPROMPROEKT accomplishes a competent technical and economic reports and expert assessment of the long-term assets of the enterprises, as well as the business evaluation of plants undergoing privatization, preliminary investigations, business planning preceding privatization investment projects for granting credit.
    AGROPROMPROEKT accomplishes Tender documents for carry out Tenders for building concerning requirements of local and international financial institutions.

    The most successful projects of our Company the last 5 years are:
  • Factory for sturgeon fishes in Atirau town - Kazakhstan, capacity 3000000 pieces per year;
  • Fruit storehouse "Shevchenko" - Ukraine;
  • Water purifying station for mechanical purifying of transport-cleaning waters "Sugar factories" Ltd - Gorna Oriahovitsa, Bulgaria.
  • Wholesale Markets for fruits, vegetables and flowers on sites near towns Sliven, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • Wholesale Market for meat, fish and poultry on the site of Slatina Bulgarplod - Sofia, Bulgaria.

    The projects for Wholesale Markets are financed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD ).

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